Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why It's Hard To Post

When I am in India and want to write an entry for my blog it is so much easier - not just because of the massive amount of material I have to work with but also because I know that the people I write about will never ever see the blog. Hence, I feel the freedom to write whatever I please.

However, now that I am in the US, a lot of what I want to write involves people who I know read allthelittledetails.

Wish I had a picture of myself to insert here with a look on my face that says "yeeeee."

On the subject of pictures I just looked at picture that I took on Sunday of O. preaching and thought about putting it up. But even after cleaning it up on the computer, it is really too dark for publication. Sorry.

We did have a great time on Sunday visiting with friends from Grace Alliance and fellowshipping with them afterwards. O. preached like I have never heard him preach before in English. We laughed, we cried, we were inspired. It was anointed. Praise the Lord. Wish I had a picture.

I also wanted to take a picture of E. & C. today on the way to their "First Day of School." Actually, it's just a once a week co-op of homeschoolers at church and today was the first day. BUT- I couldn't find the camera (since been found) and Grammy took a picture anyway (non-digital) so this leaves us right back where we started - Pictureless.

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