Monday, March 12, 2007

Visa Interview Results

We got the news this morning.

Out of the four men applying for the US visa, only one of them was granted it. To which my dad commented: "Weird."

Yes, it is strange and we have formulated all kinds of ideas why one man got it and the other three didn't but who really knows? All we know and believe that it is God's will. Thank heavens for that.

We do praise God for the good news and thank Him for your prayers.

The man who got the visa is: Suresh Sawant, our Mission Director. See post below.

The other three men: Anoop, Aiyub and Praveen were not given visas for various reasons:

To Anoop: he applied too quickly after the last rejection (ummm, Suresh applied and was rejected in the same exact interview as Anoop the last time.)

To Praveen & Aiyub: Their paperwork was incomplete - or something- (altho they had the same exact paperwork as both Suresh and Anoop.)

It doesn't make sense. Random explanations is what it sounds like to me.

Once again, we are thankful for a faithful Heavenly Father who does all things well and right.

Please keep Suresh in prayer as he makes preparations to come.

Please also remember to pray for Anoop, Praveen and Aiyub who are probably feeling a little discouraged at the moment.


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