Monday, April 02, 2007

The Challenge Of Not Being There

It's hard not being in India when things are going on. Things like building rooms on our school.

The new school year actually starts tomorrow (for a month and then there is a summer break and then school opens in June.)

But here we are with 100 kids moving from our small school to enter 1st grade in our big school and there is not enough room. There weren't enough classrooms last year and now we have added 10th grade and there are the 100 new kids coming up.

O. is feeling the stress to say the least. We have started building 3 classrooms on the 3rd floor of the school but we need permission from the local government to resume building and the permission is taking forever to come. That and we don't have the money to build the rooms, but we gotta do something.

The school management is adjusting the best they can, putting 9th and 10th grade students in one room, cramming another hundred 1st graders into another room. It's a nightmare. I admit I'm glad not to be there to have to deal with it. We have good people overseeing the school, God bless them. I pray.

Then there is O., on the phone day and night (literally) trying to see what is going on and giving advice and suggestions.

The school is a main source of income for our ministry as well as being the place where we get the salary for the majority of our co-workers. The school is growing and we have to keep up with it, it's just so much harder when we are not there...

(picture of school in next post.)

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