Wednesday, April 25, 2007

C.'s 4th Birthday

April 24th is C.'s birthday. She wanted a dress and shoes for her gifts. Fashion is her passsion. It has been since she was teeny tiny. (She could talk at 6 months - I am NOT lying.)

It was so nice in the olden days when I went to dress her big sister E. and she would wear whatever I pulled out. Then C. came along and my days of easy dressing were over.

She is her own little person with her own ideas. She is not a "follow the crowd" kind of girl and I admire that spirit in her.

Here are some of the pictures from her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

This is the only picture of C. with Chuck. She wouldn't get near the "real" Chuck. E. Cheese.
What dad and Uncle Suresh did.
E. with the "real" Chuck.

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