Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good Easter

Yesterday, on Easter morning, my 6 year old daughter, E., asked Jesus into her heart.

We were on the way to church and E., C. and I were squished in the back seat of the van. During the ride O. took a Gospel tract he got the day before out of his pocket to show my mom, and C. and E. wanted to see it too.

I thought it was a tacky and tact-less tract when I read the front of it. but E. took a glance at the fancy front of it and flipped it over and asked me to read the small print on the back. It was the Gospel message. You know, it started with the "Have you ever lied?" question and went on from there.

E. and I talked it over in the car. There was a part of me that wanted to wait and talk this over with her later when we got home, in a private place, a quiet place, a more "Gospel sharing friendly" place. But that was just that old Evil that tries to keep us from sharing the Gospel.

I pushed onward and E. prayed with me and accepted Jesus as her Savior right there in her carseat.

I've always loved Easter.

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