Friday, April 20, 2007

Virginia Tech - A Personal Account

A friend of mine studies at Virginia Tech. I asked her permission to post this personal account. Not for the faint of heart - read prayerfully.

By Erin C., Blacksburg VA:

"My best friend here, Maria, has a husband, Lee, who was in one of the rooms where the shootings happened. The gunman came in, shot the teacher and started to shoot everyone in the classroom. Lee jumped behind a desk like everyone else did to hide as the murderer (a 23 year old Korean student) walked down the aisle shooting everyone. The guy shot at Lee but the bullet hit the desk in front of him and blew him and the desk backwards. He shot at Lee several more times but never hit him. He shot everyone else several times except for one other guy who I guess was playing dead. The shooter left the room and then came back and saw that Lee was alive and shot at him several more times - each one missed. The shooter left again and the next thing Lee heard was a police officer saying "I got another room full of dead bodies." Lee said, "I'm alive." and the other guy said, "I'm alive too." and the officer said "Get out of here!! Run towards the buses!!" So they had to (in Lee's words) "hopscotch" over dead bodies and pools of blood to get out. Then they ran to the first main road and Maria found them in her car. They were so terrified that they just drove to Roanoke where they know an older couple. Maria called me and told me the story sobbing about how the Lord had miraculously saved Lee. He was probably shot at more than any of the victims but was never touched. I went to their apartment and gathered up some clothes and their cat and stuff and met them in Roanoke. We prayed and read the Word and watched the news. Lee got a call about the other guy in the class that ran out with him. That guy is apparently pretty screwed up and is on tranquilizers and stuff so the Lord didn't just protect Lee's body, He also protected his mind.

There is an intense spiritual battle going on here right now. Satan is really attacking the survivors with fear and anger. I'm asking you to get alone with the Lord and intercede for us. I had nightmares all night about fighting demons. One girl in my class has already given her life to the Lord through this (Shelly) and others will follow as we prevail against the principalities that have settled in like a dark cloud in the last few days.

Please assemble the believers and intercede for the believers here who are reaping a harvest of souls in Jesus Name.

When I spoke to Erin about posting this here she was getting ready to head back to the school this afternoon to pray with students. She says the spiritual battle is fierce but there is also the opportunity for a huge harvest of souls for the Kingdom.

I hope this account helps you to pray and pray more specifically - it sure did for me.


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Di said...

Thank Erin for us. As awful as it was and still is for many, her testimony sheds light on the fact that what Satan meant for harm, God meant for Good. I am praying.