Monday, May 28, 2007

The Journey

Let me just say that Delta is going to get a nice long letter from me! The whole thing about G.'s infant ticket purchase at the counter not being a problem - Ha!

We had to stand and wait at the counter for 45 minutes while the check-in girl was on hold with somebody trying to figure out how to sell an infant's ticket. I neared livid, let me tell you.

We did eventually get it and they charged us $30 bucks less than it originally was so that was nice - we all ate dinner.

However, there was no infant seating left on the plane. There are only 3 bassinets on the entire plane and every one was taken. So, lots of babies - like mine had to be held for the entire 16 hour flight. Yeah. I was so - not happy. Hence the nasty letter to Delta, that is just unacceptable.

Once we dragged our ton of luggage and 3 children off the plane we did get ushered through Immigration lickety split - the perks of traveling with babies, but this was the part of the journey I was dreading. E. does not have an Indian visa, she has a visa extension on a piece of paper by the police station. I figured immigration would not like it and I was praying - man was I praying.

He did not like it but he let us go, she is only a 6 year old girl for heaven's sake. I let out a huge sigh of relief and didn't even take offence when he told us to stop increasing the population - he really did.

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