Monday, May 28, 2007

Ready, Set,... Gone

My dad calls O. a "glutton for punishment" and it's really true. Literally hours after arriving home in India he had reviewed all the work and seen the new stuff and then was off to the state of Orrisa for a week long speaking engagement at a youth conference. He'll be home on Saturday.

It's really not bad. It gives the rest of us the opportunity to adjust at a slower pace. I can get the kitchen and living room painted, unpack, visit, shop. (By the way, E., C., and I have all been up since about 5AM, It's a good time to get stuff done.)

Saying that makes me think about the weather, it's HOT, but not nearly as hot as I had thought it could be, we're cooling down in preparation for the rainy season to start any day now.

Another thing about being up this early is that I can see that we have been infested. There is this nasty rodent here that looks like a combination between a rat and shrew and there must be at least 2 in my kitchen because I've been watching them in between typing and scratching my mosquito bites and they're skeeving me out. There's gonna be some killing going on - as soon as my sister-in-law wakes up to take care of it. Yeeee!


Matt Mikalatos said...

Welcome home. I can see by the posting dates that you are firmly in our future once again. How's the weather in the future, anyway?

Rebecca O said...


Diane said...

I guess it's time I stop complaining about the little mouse family living in my house and thank the Lord it's now a shrew~rat thing! Wish I had the guts to let my kids snake and ferrets loose on 'em! Want to borrow my snake? :)

Rebecca O said...

You could send him over with my dad, altho I suppose we have enough snakes over here ss it is.