Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Karuna Kids

Due to some shifting around of some of our staff, I have picked up some new responsibilities.

One of the areas that I am now overseeing is our Children’s Home. There are 24 children that we care for and educate in our school for 11 months out of the year. Mostly these are children of village pastors and there is not an educational future for the children if they stay in the villages with their parents. This puts a heavy level of stress on the moms and dads who desire to follow God’s call to penetrate the unreached areas with the Gospel, yet they see their children suffering.

After a few years of children coming to us and then more children and then more children, God opened our eyes to see what He desired and Karuna Children’s Home was opened. On just a side note, most (if not all) of our leadership team, including my husband, were raised in Christian Children’s Homes/Orphanages. That might put it into perspective for you.

I am now overseeing the financial management of the home in addition to my other duties. The home runs on a shoestring, to say the least, and God provides all that is needed (like food and electricity) but there are many other items that are required and there never seems to be the funds left over at the end of the month to get them.

The needs list was presented to me again yesterday (it’s been floating around since some time last year). I decided I am going to add it after this post with the required items listed. If you want to help out in any way, contact me. My email will be on the Profile page for the next week or so, or leave a comment.

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