Friday, July 13, 2007

Our Kids Don't Work

This is Keziah and Mariam.

They are 2 of the 24 children in our Children's Home. While I was there today taking the pictures (see post below) they were home from school because of skin infections. We'd had the local Dr. at the clinic treating them and there wasn't any change. (You can see one of the large infections on Keziah's chin. The ones on her hands are appalling. )

I couldn't take it anymore, I whipped them both off to the Dermatologist. While we were there and the Dr. was examining Keziah's hands he asked me, "What does she do, work?"

I think my heart stopped beating in my chest.

I said, "No, she goes to school."

He wasn't asking in an accusatory way, just matter-o-factly so he could get some idea what was causing the sores on her hands*.

It's not the Dr.'s fault that child labor is rampant in India, but it does show just how common and well accepted it is.

Oh, Keziah is 8 years old.

* The Doctor said the sores were caused by scabies that had gotten infected.

P.S. - Who wants to bring a medical team to India?

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