Monday, July 23, 2007

Where The Lice Live

Well, in our hair of course.

Do you know that in Hindi they have two different words for "our?" One refers to the collective "our" as in "our earth," "our God," etc. "Our" that means all of ours. Then there is the word for "our" in Hindi that refers to me and mine (the speaker) specifically. Such as, "Our children" - they belong to just me and O.

OK, enough of that.

The "our" in "our hair" is the specific one in this case. While I was in church yesterday, E. got tired and laid down on my lap. I brushed my fingers through her hair and it was full of nits. (I pulled a few out but then figured I was in church and it really wasn't the place for lice hunting.)

Later C. came by and put her head down. A quick look at her hair revealed that she had massively more nits than even E. and with one brush of my fingers through her curly blond hair I saw three (3) actual lice bugs.

I whipped the first one out and went to squish him - you gotta kill 'em or they crawl right back into someone's hair - but in order to end the lice's crawling days forever, you have to stab them with your fingernail against a hard surface - like your other fingernail. Not discreetly done at all. I had to abandon the lice.

We did a thorough lice evacuation yesterday afternoon and the girls are fairly lice-free today. Whew.

We haven't told O. If he hears about lice he gets all uptight. But hey, as my sister-in-law says, "Does or does not the tiger live in the jungle?"

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