Tuesday, October 09, 2007

3 For 3

We arrived from Bombay this afternoon having accomplished all we set out to do.

1. We ordered a beautiful wedding dress for Martha. After some searching we found a wonderful woman named Ruth who designs and makes wedding gowns. We told her what she wanted, she drew it up for us on paper right then, and called Martha and I back in the evening for a fitting.

The dress was MADE. Well, it lacked the sleeves and some of the lace and the final hemming, but it was all together and on Martha and she looked lovely. I wish I had thought to bring my camera.

O. will go to Bombay next month to pick up the final dress. The women is also making the veil and headgear and gloves to match - all for under $250. I know. Oh, and this dress is not some knockoff, it is as gorgeous and as first class as any I've ever seen in the US.

2. We got a new keyboard for our church. That's not really as exciting as the dress but our keyboardist thinks it's thrilling.

3. We got Chris, the man who came from the US and is here with us for a few days. No lost luggage! Yippee.

I just love it when everything works out as you hope. (or me - I don't even dare to hope - so I'm even happier in the long run.)

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