Thursday, October 04, 2007

Martha's Wedding

Martha is my sister-in-law who has lived with us for the last 7+ years. She's getting married this year. We set a date of November 9th but when we sat down with her fiance's family on Sunday it turns out that November is not a good time for them since it is Harvesting Season. They are farmers (and pastors.)

Now to some people who have grown up rurally this probably sounds like just the rational-ist thing in the world - you don't plan to get married during harvest season. But to a city girl like me - it's just downright amusing.

Sorry, we can't get married in November because we'll be bringing in the sheaves. (Yes, pretty much all I know about farming I learned from Little House on the Prairie.)

So, the new date - which actually works out much better for me - is December 28th. We'll be in Bombay on Monday searching for a wedding gown. What fun. Shopping - much more to my liking than working in the fields.

This post is getting it's own label of "Martha's Wedding" because I have a feeling as the date approaches we'll be blogging on it a lot.

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