Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big News In India

Yet not anywhere else. It amazes me how terrorism in India doesn't make it to international news - like at all.

Since Friday there have been 2 major terrorist attacks in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Over 25 bombs exploded in public places. More unexploded bombs are being discovered in major cities all over India. Seventeen unexploded bombs were found in a city 1 hour south of us and 17 bombs exploded in a city 3 hours North of us on Saturday night.

I think they caught somebody or someone snitched and that's why they're finding the unexploded bombs.

Oh, and India has no Federal Bureau of Investigation. They're thinking of creating one - I think that would be a wise idea. Apparently, it keeps getting put on the back burner because some states are against the interference - and I actually get that - I do read loads of detective type novels. The locals hate it when the feds step in. But all in all, I think they're necessary.

Anyway, we're fine, unharmed and unalarmed. But pray for the peace of India.

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