Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Desi Chicken

Indians have this thing about "desi chicken" which is basically just the skinny chickens you find in villages. It's better for health or something.

On Monday we returned to Chicklee Village and then went 20 km further on Tuesday for a meeting at a church there. The meeting was great but it's the desi chicken that came afterwards that is blogworthy.

By the time lunch came around I was starving. They fed a whole bunch of us in the church. I was the first one to get my plate. On it were three (3) pieces of chicken skin and a knuckle. I also had a small portion of raw mango and onion salad. This was served with a side of chapati (The whole wheat flat bread.)

Well, I was starving so I sopped up the chicken juice and ate all the mango on my plate. Then I ate O.'s mango. Then I ate the onions (which I initially avoided to save myself stinky breath). It was a generally unsatisfactory meal and it inflamed my stomach so I hurt all afternoon.

Apparently fasting is the best thing for gastritis. I'll be starting on a fruit fast today.

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