Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tickets Are Booked

You may remember that I mentioned studying Hindi in September a few months back. Well, September is right around the corner and I've already booked my tickets. There is also a three day retreat for foreign women serving the Lord in India being held in Nagpur from Sept 10-12. I'll head there first and then head North for Hindi training.
If I were handy dandy I could figure out how to put "Indiana Jones" type red lines on this map pointing out where I'll be and where I'm going, but as I am neither handy dandy or Indy, I will just write it here.

Since I don't mention where we are on this blog, let's just say I'll start my journey at 3AM on Sept 9th and head West to Nagpur (center of India). The women's retreat is there. On the 13th I'll catch a flight from Nagpur to New Delhi (go straight North from Nagpur) from Delhi I'll catch a train to Dehra Dun (more North) and after arriving in Dehra Dun on Sept 14th, I'll catch a bus to Mussoorie - my final destination.

I'll stay there two weeks and then head in reverse to Delhi where I will ultimately catch a flight home - arriving on Sept 27th.

I'll be all alone. I'll also celebrate my birthday there - alone - happily - alone. (hate birthdays, never good, never. good.) The timing of this trip was carefully planned and thought out.

I'll be leaving my children for the longest time ever... almost three weeks. They'll survive without me.

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Di said...

Halleluia! You will survive. And so will they! I left home, alone, for a week, once. And I'd do it all over again. Stephen ended up in the hospital with a broken arm. (He fell out of a co-cart at Camp.) He not only survived but it showed him how capable he was without Mom. Bittersweet that they all can really make it without Mom.