Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How I Know Its Diwali

It's the smell.

Several contiuous days (actualy, mostly nights) of firecrakers and fireworks, small blasting bombs and sparklers, the smell is distinctive.

Today, it's Diwali, Hindu New Year.


Di said...

Tell us about Diwali. I confess , I have not heard of a Hindu New Year until I read your blog yesterday. Is it celebrated around the world by all Hindus? How is the house coming along? Are the girls excited about a new baby? Three little mommies!

the mccollums... said...

does it feel like WWIII? I always thought that when we lived at Raipura...the constant fireworks in the distance...made me feel like I was in a war movie! Stay safe...any reports on the baby news?

Rebecca O said...

Diwali consists of numerous Hindu holidays, when added all together add up to a fairly long school vacation.

Thankfully, mostly thy're done and the WWII bombing-like sound is done. Altho, I do like the fireworks.