Saturday, October 04, 2008

Persecution Continues

The persecution against Christian believers in India has continued on and on. I've been thinking lately about how if we were in the US and we heard about the murder of a pastor or a family - just because they were Christian how we would be so shocked and it would take a long time to get over it. Or if we heard or knew about a church being burned to the ground simply out of hatred toward Christians. What would we do?

Yet, when we hear of persecution in other countries, of a pastor being murdered, a Christian child being burned alive, a church being destroyed - why is it not so real to us? Is that Christian brother in another country any less valuable to God than a Christian brother of our own culture?

I hear about churches burned, pastors killed, property destroyed and Christian women raped every day in India. And we weep and we pray and we cry out to God.

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