Thursday, October 23, 2008

What E. Fears

E. and C. like a story before then go to bed at night. A couple nights ago I was tired and so I said I'd just tell a short story, E. requested a "really scary one." I wasn't really in the mood so I decided to tell them a story with a moral for once.

The basic premise of this night's story was not to get into cars with strangers.

Without retelling the whole story here I'll cut to the chase where the 2 little girls were locked in the dark basement of the bad man who beat them and didn't give them food and there were really scary noises in the dark all night. (The girls eventually escape in the morning and learn never to go into a car again with a stranger.)

Anyway, when the story was finished E. said,"If that ever happened to me I would bite that man... because you know, if someone doesn't give me food - I'll eat anything."

Obviously, the most terrifying part of that story for E. was not being fed.


di said...

Our own children are proof that God does not create "cookie-cutter" children. Astounding, isn't it? One of my kids would run from the perpetrator; one would pray for his soul; the other would run home, get his paintball gun and camo, go find the guy and "send" him into oblivion.

Matt Mikalatos said...


My kids get scared by cartoon weasels. I don't think they even know about dark basements and strangers. Any chance you're thinking of turning it into a children's book?