Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mostly Bathrooms

The tiles are mostly up in our bathrooms at the new house.
This is our master bedroom bathroom. I always wanted a black and white bathroom. The tiles have a really pretty reflective design on them that you cannot see in the picture.
This is the ground floor guest bathroom.
This is our favorite bathroom, the 2nd floor guest. Unfortunately, its the most unclear photo. We love this bathroom so much that we're thinking of moving into it.
I went yesterday morning to choose all the bathroom fixtures and sinks. Toilets have already come. We should be getting those things in in the nest week or so. We're in a bit of a rush, not only because we want to get in by the first week of December, but because the HUGE holiday of Diwali is almost upon us and we're going to lose all the people laboring on our house for 10 days or so.
These are a picture of our steps taken from a really weird angle. They are made from stone, not wood, although it does appear to be wood. That's why we liked it so much. They have not polished the floors yet but are starting today. Once they get clear I'll post some pictures of them.

I also chose the wall tiles and floor tiles for our kitchen so that means we should get working on the kitchen by some time this week!

My last two works for today or tomorrow are choosing railings for the stairs and upstairs and glass for the windows. Decisions Decisions. O. leaves it all up to me and says I'm the one who has to be happy living there. I order it, he gets it installed. Works for me.

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Di said...

Absolutely beautiful! Let's have a house warming!