Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bored And In A Bad Mood

Oh, I am definitely at the end of the pregnancy now. I've hit the - there is NOTHING I feel like doing and bad mood - stage. I just wanna hang around in my jammies, which is what I do mostly.

I do go out in the mornings and teach in the Bible College, check the Stationary Store and shop to keep the household up to date on stock (so I don't have to worry about O. having to do it while I'm in the hospital*.)

I come home, feed everyone lunch, wash/dry clothes, clean up and then rest. By 5PM I'm up and I don't feel like going anywhere because then I'd have to actually put on clothes, yet, the thought of the entire evening and night with nothing to do is almost worse the the thought of clothes.

Then I found out today there is a problem with our Stationary Store bank account that I'll have to wait til tomorrow to fix, and a friend of mine is annoying me by appearing to be annoyed with me. Who's not annoying me these days?...

*This sounds like a nice thing to do for one's husband, mostly I'm just worried about him buying stuff we don't need or buying overpriced things... See, I really am grouchy.


Elena said...

Hang in there--baby has to be coming soon! Do you have any good movies to watch?

Rebecca O said...

I guess I have a few, but mostly they consist of "Barbie..."(Not as bad as you might thing.)

Anyway,I don't get near the TV much. 3 Children, 1 Cricket watching husband,various other people who live with us or just hang out there... I read.