Monday, February 23, 2009


I have been thinking about a Slumdog Millionare (or Slumdog Crorepati as it's called over here in India) post for a while. Since it did so well at the Oscars last night and since I have nothing else to do today but wait to have a baby and do stuff on the computer, I'm going to write my thoughts.

I saw it about a month ago with O. It took me a couple days to get over it. I was really glad I didn't take my kids, although the theater was packed and loads of small children were there. (What were their parents thinking?) I saw it with Hindi dubbing, which was nice although I was a little bewildered as to how they made it in English. I'll have to watch the original one day.

I have heard that the director said the monie was a celebration of Bombay - or something like that. That's just weird, no it's not. That be like filming the large rats in the alleyways of Philadelphia, making a film from it and saying it's a celebration of Philadelphia.

No, I'd say the film was a celebration of love. Everything that drove the main character was done for love, that's international, that's what touched people. Celebration of Bombay - bah.

This is kind of funny. After the film was released in India (January 23rd) there was a big bruhaha kicked off by a major Bollywood actor. The same man who is featured - but not shown - in the film when the young main character jumped in poo to get his photo autographed. Anyway, he was upset that India was becoming famous because of a film that reveals the worst of Indian society. Then there were protests, people in the slums holding signs that said "We're not dogs!" Give me a break. Someone is behind these people instigating them on, they have to make a big deal about everything over here.

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