Monday, November 08, 2010

The Circus Is In Town

We all went to the Indian Circus last night. I tell you, you get a good three hours of weirdness for your $2 bucks.

  • Really flexible people, they do some incredible stuff
  • Climbing people: they climb Anything and swing by hands, feet and teeth. No safety ropes!


  • Regurgitating Man. Drinks massive amounts of water and regurgitates them. It's really nasty when he swallows fish and regurgitates them too. (At least 1 of the 4 came back up...) Yeah, I wanted to hurl.
  • Elephants. (He needed a pair of underpants or a wife or something...)


Anonymous said...

Bec, the elephant comment got me laughing...telling it like it is......SAS

April said...

Oh man, yeah the regurgitating lady at the circus here did the fish thing too (all came back up)and I was thinking the same thing. Pushing the limits of bizarre for me and I was really happy I hadn't eaten anything!