Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Wonder If God Ever Gets Tired Of Hearing My Name?

I wonder if God ever gets tired of hearing my name?

If it were possible I think he'd be feeling it over this past week. It's been an amazing week where I feel like everyone's been ringing God's doorbell with requests for me.

I've wept. I've broken down in tears in front of my students. I have young and old, counseling me, comforting me and praying over me.

It's Thanksgiving Week and I am so THANKFUL for the prayers of beloved friends who have helped me to not just hang on this past week, but to press on.

Lord, I know you never get tired of hearing my name.
You love me.

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Jamie Jo said...

What a profound short little post. I just found your blog via Women of the Harvest blog roll on Coffeegirl. I've enjoyed reading your stories and seeing your photos. Keep up the good work even if you get few comments. Have a great Christmas. I hope whatever was happening the week everyone was praying for you is all in the past.