Monday, November 01, 2010

Not So Interested In Writing The Bad

I don't know if I am not so interested in writing the bad because it is bad or because I have a 19 month old child smacking me on the leg with a toothbrush. I may just possibly be - distracted.

Yet, I am the thankful-ist monther in the world today to have a 19 month old to smack me, climb on me and distract me from my work.

On Friday night I prayed for the 6 week old baby girl of our staff members, John and Jennifer. Their daughter Sarah was in ICU and was given 2 hours to live. We prayed. Oh how we prayed and I told God "I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO A FUNERAL TOMORROW."

I won't hold you in suspense. We buried sweet baby Sarah on Saturday afternoon. They wrapped her little body in white cloth and her mother and father looked at her for the last time as our pastor's wife held the baby in her arms. I took the corner of the cloth and covered Sarah's face and then they gently laid her in the grave. I was so upset, she didn't even have a coffin.

Sarah made it past those 2 hours she was given by the doctor. She rallied in the night and I received a call from her joyful father on Saturday morning that she was much better. She was taken for an EKG and it was discovered that there was a very small hole in her heart. She was brought back to the hospital and died soon afterwards.

We cleared out the hospital room - they rush you right out of there - and took the baby home to be washed and dressed. I, and some other ladies stayed with mom in the church.

At one point she cried out, "I just want to hold her!" And I thought, the last time she held her baby in her arms she had no idea it would be the last.

How precious is every moment that God give us with our loved ones...

For my niece, Natalie's perspective:

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