Tuesday, May 30, 2006

# 3

3. (And this is the worst one) I’m kind of fanatical about hanging onto my own stuff. But after 24 hours of hot traveling (details in following post) I left my bag on our pile of luggage with my sister-in-law and told my brother-in-law to get an auto rickshaw (those 3-wheeled contraptions) while I went and ordered dinner for them. When I came back, the luggage and everyone was in the rickshaw and I have a vague recollection of seeing my red bag in the front of the vehicle. My brother-in-law came back and sat in the front next to the driver (and the bag) and we went home.

When we got there, it was pitch black outside and I went around to get my bag and suitcase. My brother-in-law and his friend said, no, you go inside. So, I went. A minute later they came in and I said, “Where’s my red bag?”

Uh duh.

They ran out, the auto rickshaw was gone and so was my bag.

We found the auto driver later, - no bag. He claims innocence. We put in a report at the police station at midnight after a VERY long day, and that was that.

My wallet with credit/ATM card, Driver’s license and some money. Gone. My cell phone – gone. And a bunch of other misc. stuff. Gone Gone Gone.

I got everything taken care of the next morning. Got a new phone. My cell phone connects me to the internet so I had to get all that installed and it took 3 days due to faulty wires but it seems to be up and running, altho, my old cheap cell phone that I had for 4 years got way better tower connection than my new much more expensive phone of the same company. So, now I get kicked off the internet about every 2 minutes causing 30 minutes of work to take 3 hours. Not fun.

BUT – I did get my whole computer cleaned and upgraded and it REALLY needed it, so, you know, I’m happy about that.

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