Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Demon Of Lost Things


Here’s how it went:

Well, first there was the relative of the groom at the wedding that kept stealing things but I don’t know if that counts or not. So, lets zoom forward to the train ride home.

1. One of our train tickets with 5 or 6 peoples’ names on it flew out the window of the moving train. Yep. One of our people gave it to the ticket collector, he marked off the names and then, floop, it just blew out of his hands and out the window. THEN, he tried to charge our people for the lost tickets. For the next 8 hours he and the other ticket collectors bugged us for money. (bribes). We didn’t give it to them.

2. Vinita was with us and while in the bathroom with her daughter one of her brand new sandals fell off and slipped down the toilet hole onto the moving track below. She said, “I just threw the other one out the window, at least whoever finds it will have a pair.”

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