Thursday, May 04, 2006


Our church's worship leader, Shalom, was married on March 8th (O.'s b-day) in Bombay. We had a reception for them at our church on April 24th (C.'s b-day.) Here are the pix:

Sweta, the bride, with Vinita, getting changed into saree #2 at the reception.
Shalom, Sweta, and our worship team (and Shalom's mother in the middle)
Sweta and C. (it was her b-day)
O. getting his robe put on for him before he starts to speak. He probably should have put it on before he walked on the stage but he forgot. Our pastor was putting it on him and zipping it up in a rush before the prayer O. was praying, ended. I love silly stuff like that.
The bride and groom with their rings at the ready.
Putting on the rings.

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