Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Driver's License

While I was in India my NJ driver's license expired. Nowadays you just can't send away to renew, oh no, every four years you have to drag yourself down to the DMV with 6 points of proof that you are who you say you are.

Unfortunately, in May when my wallet was lost I lost my old driver's license and my SS card. All the rest of my ID proofs had not-matching names on them. Like my passport is different from my bank statements from my birth certificate- in the end I had to dig my high school diploma out.

I knew it'd be good for something someday.

The main problem was my Indian marriage license and the fact that it is laminated- rendering it VOID.

Men have it easy, you get married, your name stays the same. I get married and Ii have to make 12 trips* to the far away DMV to get my stinkin' license renewed because all my "points" of ID have varying forms of my maiden and married names.

Ultimately, they changed my name to that on my passport and hopefully, in the future, all will go smoothly - ha!

Nothing and I mean Nothing- ever- goes easy for me.

Builds character, at least that's what I tell myself.

You know the really rotten thing is this- the very people that are not who they say they are probably get false IDs in a snap and nice, non-criminal people like me have to jump through hoops for a simple thing like a license renewal.

* only 2, felt like more

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