Monday, January 28, 2008

First Day On The Job

O. and Praveen left this morning for Bombay and are now waiting to catch their flight tonight to London-Philadelphia.

That means that since 9:45Am this morning I Am In Charge.

My first plans of the day were foiled early on when I found out that one of the main people that I needed to attend my afternoon "pep-talk" "Let's keep this a tight ship" "I need your support" meeting went to Bombay with O. and Praveen at the last minute. I was so not happy.

But I pulled it together and went into the office and decided to make a bunch of changes in the decor since I Am Now In Charge. This, of course, entailed - shopping.

However, before I could take care of that important work I had to deal with the first problems of the day which were several people coming to collect payments on various bills - none of which I knew anything about previously and our Accountant (who is on vacation this week) also didn't know anything about.

Oh, my mood just got better and better.

In the end I didn't get done what I wanted to do, nobody got their money, but maybe it was for the best. Tuesday - meetings - All Day.


di said...

Welcome to being "in charge," O Queen Rebecca! Sounds like a VERY foiled day but that you responded QUITE well! Praying for you!

Di said...

Uh oh...10PM your time and we haven't heard from you! Is this good or bad? Lifting it all up to the throne of Grace...di