Sunday, January 13, 2008


Orissa is an Indian state prone to violence against Christians.

Our pastor read a letter in church today written by one of our believers who is from that state and who wanted to give a testimony on the violence going on there since December 24th. He was too emotional to speak in church, so he wrote it down.

Hundreds of believers are homeless and churches are destroyed. I talked to this man after church and he had just arrived back in our city yesterday. He had to escape in the night through the jungle alone to get out of his village because all roads had been blocked off. His wife and children are still there.

Tomorrow, January 14th, is a big Hindu holiday in India. At that time the people of his area - those causing all the trouble - will decide what to do - continue to persecute the Christians or stop.

Please pray with us.

Even though we are also in India the news of these types of things happening doesn't always reach us. It is only because a man from our own congregation was there and witnessed people coming with swords and guns outside his own house and saw the burning buildings that we even know as much as we do know.

We get caught up in our own world sometimes and we forget our brothers and sisters who are suffering. Please pray with us.

I'll try to keep you updated as I know things.

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