Friday, January 25, 2008

O. & Praveen

O. with his good buddy and the President of our ministry, Praveen.
O. and Praveen will be leaving late Monday night on their flight to Philadelphia. This will be Praveen's first time out of India. He is very excited. He's been taking notes from me about what to do and say and eat and wear and everything, for a month now.

O. and Praveen will be in the USA from Jan 29 to March 3rd. Please pray for their journeys as well as the time spent there.

Here is a general schedule of their whereabouts in case you would like an opportunity to meet with them in person (they would love that...)

January 29 - February 4: New Jersey

February 5 - 9: Dallas, Texas

February 10 - 15: Indianapolis

February 16 - March 3: New Jersey

You can email me if you want to set up any appointments to talk with O. or Praveen or invite them to your church or fellowship or whatever.

Their free dates are booking up quickly, so don't delay.

And Pray!

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