Sunday, January 20, 2008

Look We Have Walls

We have walls up on our house!
A very bright picture* with O. standing near our house so you can get some perspective. Our house is built up this high to avoid flooding in rainy season. He is in front of what will be our kitchen. The low wall on the left will be our parking area and back (family) entrance to the house.
From inside the house: our Kitchen and Storeroom.

* We tend to visit the site before heading home for lunch from the office - hence the brightness to the pictures.
These pictures were taken yesterday. (Saturday).

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di said...

absolutely stunning! thank you for the pictures of the house. I wish we were there to help. Andrew is a digging machine. He dug a hole in the garden during a snowstorm once and fell asleep in it. Called it his bunker. Nothing like digging, huh? You shed perspective on my laziness...
love and prayers to all,