Monday, January 07, 2008

House Progression

For those of you following the building of our house - here is a pictorial overview.

In December we had the actual groundbreaking of where the main pillars would be.
The foundation - dug out by hand and then this steel mesh was put together, by hand on site.
Looking down into the holes where the main foundation pillars lie.
The foundation is down, the small wall is actually part of the foundation - the actual house is going to be built on top of this. The empty spaces you see between the walls are being filled in with dirt. Our family and our co-worker families and our Bible students spent about 2 hours late Friday night filling much of it in ourselves. Everything done by hand (see next photo).
Here is a photo from 2 days ago. See how she carries that dirt on her head - that's how the whole thing is filled in. I filled in much of the foundation dirt myself - thank you very much (I didn't carry it on my head tho...) (The building you see in the background is NOT ours)

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