Sunday, June 01, 2008

If It's Any Consolation...

...I haven't been sleeping much lately either. Plenty 'O time to sleep (and blog) when we're dead! Alright, most probably I won't be blogging when I'm dead (or sleeping for that matter) but think of all the wonderful new blog topics we would have...

Busy. Yes, that's me. School starts next Monday and we've been working hard on getting teachers trained as well as everything else the beginning of school entails. Not to mention I now manage a store. Or that I took Saturday afternoon off to go see "Indiana Jones and the really fake looking Crystal Skull"*. Or having church friends over for dinner because their job is transferring them to another state, or having our Mission Director's mother in the hospital and her going for open heart surgery tomorrow, weddings, four (don't ask) children, a clogged drain pipe and a really dirty house.

Good night for heaven's sake.

* In Hindi - Like I have time to travel two hours away to see it in English
I just noticed I wrote "Indian" Jones - Twice!

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Karen said...

this is so funny, bella- I can imagine Suresh's sincerity- and the goat just wishing that suresh would save him from the knife. The scene makes me miss India lots!