Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Marathi Me

Family members, close relations and good friends get gifts from the bride and groom at weddings. Our friend/brother, Dinesh, gave us all clothes before the wedding and that's what we wore to the wedding. See next post for gift giving picture.

Dinesh asked me beforehand if I would wear the traditional Maharashtrian dress at his wedding and I said sure. This consists of a 9 meter saree instead of a 5 meter saree and the saree is passed through the legs and tucked up in the back. I've never worn it like this but he had his auntie put it on me and so here I am. I was highly amusing to everyone who saw me (possibly because only old ladies wear their sarees this way anymore, possibly because I am American, or quite possibly because you could see my underwear through the thin material of the saree), but Dinesh was happy and it was his day.
O. also agreed to wear the traditional "dhoti" and he looks great in it.


the mccollums... said...

There's the pic of just you and O!!!! What a snazzy couple you guys make...especially in your new garb!! Love the pic!

Rebecca O said...

Just trying to catch up to you guys!