Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Karnataka Wedding

I spent three of the last four days in the car. We left Friday morning for Karnataka and reached on Saturday afternoon. Attended a wedding on Sunday morning, visited our Maharashtra and Karnataka Pastors and then left for home. I have a few amusing stories about it all, but I'll write them later. For now, the pictures.

At least we went with our good friends Anoop and Bindu and their boys. Many (and I mean many) long hours were passed playing cards in the car. Here we are in the bright sun getting our "wedding gifts."

The only somewhat decent picture I have of the new couple (Dinesh and Jyoti)
The wedding guests - sitting in the mud.
The bride.
The rings.


the mccollums... said...

are rings an adopted tradition in Indian weddings or has it always been a part of the ceremony? They look so happy....Jyoti is the name of Matt and Donna's little girl (well, now she is 8) that they adoped from Puna.

Rebecca O said...

Yes, rings are adopted from Western traditions.

Our Jyoti is also from Pune. Must be a popular name there.