Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Too Hot To Blog

I am the excuse queen when it comes to not blogging. Actually, I have a standard that I like to upkeep of quality and regularity in my posting. When I fall short, well, you get an excuse post like this onew.

But it really is too hot to blog or do anything on the computer. I am overdue for an annual newsletter and since I only have time to work on the computer in the afternoons and evenings - it's just not getting done. Way way too hot.

I'm also feeling disturbed today. I got an email telling me about friends of ours who also work like us in India but are currently in the US, saying that they were in a terrible car accident. The wife just had a baby by C-section 3 weeks ago. By God's grace they all survived with broken bones and bruises. But it's had me feeling weird all day. Then the people who live behind us were piping the water out of our water tank for a roof they were putting on and they didn't even ask.

I just had to go out back, pull the pipe out in front of them and tell them that this is not common neighborhood water and you should ask people first before stealing from them. Hrmf.

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