Sunday, September 21, 2008

Church Away

Since I come from a long line of "church junkies" I was really looking forward to today (Sunday). I attended the church that is at the same location where my Hindi training is since it was the closest.

It was in English and in Hindi and, interestingly enough, they had both Indian and English (American) pastors. The Indian pastor spoke in Hindi and the English pastor translated for him. Wow, in all my years I've never seen that before. Lot's of English translated to Hindi but never Hindi translated to English (by a non-Indian, at that.)

I cried at the beginning. I was just starved for common worship. It was lovely.

Less than a week to go...

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the mccollums... said...

WOW, amazing Rebecca...I am so happy for you for this experience...sounds like it can be a bit fusterating being corrected all the time but in the end you are a pro at Hindi! What a huge accomplishment...I mean, I know you already know Hindi but in the way that you wanted to learn it.