Monday, September 01, 2008

Prayer Rally Tomorrow

We had the meeting today with the local pastors and Christian leaders in O.'s new office. It was inaugurated today. About 20 people were there and it was a fruitful time.

The rally will run from about 10:30AM to 12:30PM. We'll be walking and praying through the main parts of our city with banners and signs. We're bringing our kids with us, they can walk if they want to, otherwise we'll pile them in the car. I want them to be there, children should be represented, and personally, I can still remember going to protests as a young child with my mom and how it affected me.

The persecution continues in Orrisa. Agraj (our Orrisa Bible Student) was telling me this afternoon that many children are separated from parents and wives from husbands. Families are searching for their family members and not finding them.

Please pray for us as we walk tomorrow. If you pray before you go to bed tonight (Monday) it will be about the right time. (US)

Chicklee was great and we had a wonderful time at the ordination. Also, back to O.'s office inauguration: Today we had all the local Christian leaders there and afterwards we had all the local government leaders there because our school hosted a stop during the run for the "Youth Commonwealth Games" being held in India this year.

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