Monday, September 15, 2008

Where Am I?

I dragged my laptop and Internet connector all over India with me so that I could keep up on emails and blogging and I am now so high up in the mountains that I have no Internet access. Figures. I'm in a cafe so I can keep up, but it's not like having it in my room.

I arrived in Mussoorie yesterday morning. There is only one other guest at my guest house - currently. A very nice retired Psychiatrist named, Ben from Hollywood, CA. The guesthouse, and Landour (which is really where I am - more north of Mussoorie) is exactly what I expected. Very Isolated. Very Quiet.

I think that was the most disconcerting thing last night when I tried to go to sleep - the absolute silence. There isn't even a ceiling fan in my room!!! NO ceiling fan. It's dang cold here. Cold.

I start Hindi classes today. They called me over there at 10AM and then informed me my classes start at 12:10. O-kay. That's not too unusual either. Hence, why I am here now.

I'll have classes all afternoon but I am changing my 12:10 to 8:20 since my lunch will get messed up every day otherwise. Lunch, is important.


Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

Intersting blog, so you are in India on some assignment?

Rebecca O said...

I live here permanently