Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today was the first day I was able to see the Himalayas in the background of the local mountains. Since I've arrived they've been hidden by clouds and bad weather. But today is a beautiful sunny day and they are just All Over.

It took my breath away to look at the beautiful snow capped mountains in the distance. It's taken my breath away ever since and every time I see them again.

The white of the snow on the Himalayas is so white and shines so brightly that my mind is having a hard time accepting that what my eyes are seeing is real.

The whiteness of the snow reminds me again and again of the "Joy of Painting" when he would take the scraper and slap the "happy white" on the tops of trees and houses and mountains and things. The white is that bright and thick and shining in the sun. I wish you could see it with me.


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the mccollums... said...

how beautiful...I'm trying to imagine it in my head...I'm trying to picture the most beautiful scene in my head and probably that doesn't even compare.