Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Questions And Answers

First I will attempt to answer the most asked question during the whole Typhoid ordeal.

Did I/How did I feed baby P.?

Yes, I nursed P. the entire time. The Dr. actually told me to keep her with me. I struggled more while in the hospital because I had a horrible IV needle in my wrist and my right hand was out of commission. THANKFULLY, I have a wonderful niece, Sumitra, who stayed with me the entire time in the hospital and did everything for P. All I had to to was lay down and nurse. P. was a trooper.

Apparently, Typhoid is not contagious or transmittable through breast milk.

I continue to suffer from symptoms of my illness, namely headaches when I wake up from sleeping and dizziness, not to mention the tiredness. I really am attempting to rest. Unfortunately, my work is backing up.

On the restful side, E. & C. went to Bombay on Monday and will come home tomorrow. So, it's been somewhat quieter around the house the last few days. I'm glad they're coming home soon, I miss them.

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Dawn Hoke(Mailahn) said...

Thanks for letting us know about the nursing! I'm so glad you were able to keep her with you and your neice was there to help!