Friday, May 22, 2009

Why NOT To Look Things Up On The Internet

I did eventually look up Typhoid on the Internet. I somehow came across a section of firsthand accounts. It kind of made me nervous when the first one referred to the person getting Typhoid in 1974 and still suffering occasionally. I started reading about relapses and not having full energy from anywhere in the vicinity of 2 months to 2 years ; I quickly decided NOT to read on.

I have one more day of medication and then on Tuesday I return to the doctor again for a checkup. I still wake up with headaches and as of the last 2 days my energy level has increased but I'm still trying to take it easy.

Hence, this is why my computer work is not getting done (see next post). My mornings are already full between breakfast & lunch preparation, taking care of children and teaching the children. By after lunch it's nap time for my 2 youngest and it would be an ideal time for me to get work on my computer done. Alas, nap time for girls generally turns into nap time for mom these days and I am supposed to be resting.

That may be why I am here at midnight tying to get some things done...

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