Thursday, March 30, 2006


Last night, while O. was moving everything in creation, I went with the ladies from church (12 of us and 4 babies) to another city where our pastors are working. From there we picked up 4 more people and 2 more children and went to a village called Kalam.

We've been making these trips with our women's ministry to encourage our pastors' wives in other areas to start something similar.

It was a great time. We held the meeting in a Hindu household and it was my turn to give the message so I spoke on Loving Jesus with the examples of Mary Magdalene and Mary (the sister of Martha). Since we were in the village there was a bit of a disturbance in the beginning, mainly because the women don't even know how to sit quietly. I did the trick my teachers used to use in elementary school. I shut my mouth and kept quiet for an uncomfortable amount of time and then everyone shut up and listened for the rest of the time.

I had a new woman translate for me and she did a good job but it was her first time and she is a new Christian so she was a little slow. She'll speed up with time. My message was a little long (mainly because translation doesn't double, but triples the time) and I really could have cut it in half, but I didn't and we still stuck within our 1 hour timeframe.

I really enjoyed the fellowship with the other women from our city who went along. Everyone participated in some way, which is something that is important to our leadersip team. Leading songs, acting in a skit, translating, preaching, praying or reading the Word in the local language, everyone had a part.

I am very thankful for my husband and our wonderful Bible students who moved and moved and moved and moved. God bless them.

I put in my many hours of work today.

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