Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Our pastor is back from his trip with O. He told me this morning that while he was in the state where the persecution is occuring, that it rained. Hard. For one hour. With hail.

He was there. He saw it.

India has a rainy season. It's from June to September and it is DRY the rest of the year. No rain except in rainy season. This is March. 8 years of experience talking here.

Anoop also told me that the rain was hard enought to destroy crops (it's harvest time). This sounds suspiciously like judgement to me. (especially the hail.)

Then, while he was reading our Hindi newspaper he read about the Anti-Christian rally that was supposed to take place on Saturday but it turned out that it took place on Sunday - it got rained out. No kidding and it was in our regular newspaper - rain and all.

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