Saturday, March 04, 2006


Yes, it was long. We prayed and prayed and prayed some more. O. and Anoop are fine, both are presently in their home villages or on their way.

The rally they went for never materialized which is fine. They did talk to the mayor of the city who basically said there was nothing the could do since the state government was against the Christian ministry under attack.

O. was mainly discouraged because there were very few people there today to do anything and he also got a phone call from one of the "senior leaders" in the ministry who said to him, "What are you doing there? You can't do anything, you're just an orphanage child*." I am not kidding, he really said that.

Well, O. let him have it on the phone and the man apologized but that basically sums up the attitude that keeps India from being reached with the gospel. I always say that 90% of persecution in India comes from other "Christians." The lack of unity among Christian people in this country is appalling.

We were discouraged. We prayed so hard, yet decades of disunity won't disappear in a day. It just pushes us harder to do our part to bring unity among God's people in India.

However, I did just get a phone call that the rally that was scheduled for Saturday to shut down the whole state and protest this Christian ministry Has Been Canceled! Hallelujah. Yes, you are listening Lord. AND today the leader of the group trying to destroy the Christian ministry threatened to have all the children in the orphanage removed. That's over 2000 kids with nowhere to go. So, the government's response to that was, OK, but you have to provide for every child. Uhhhhh. So that scheme was canceled, praise the Lord. AND food is now being provided from outside and prepared from outsiders for all the 2000+ kids. From the way I understood it, this may have been result of the original threat to destroy the orphanage. Funny how that backfired on them.

Keep praying. I'm wiped out.

* Just so you know, 5 of our top, really great co-workers, were raised in orphanges/children's home. So there.

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