Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My oldest daughter E. is not academically inclined. However, I was plesantly surprised last night when, for the first time ever, she was actually trying to sound out the spelling of a word to write it down in a book (instead of just asking how to spell it.)

She already had "G" written down, she needed a little help with the rest.

It turns out she was trying to write - "Jesus" - and she was just not getting past the fact that Jesus is spelled with a "J" not a "G." Hey, I don't blame her for being confused. Sound it out: G-sus.

English is a stupid spelling language anyway.


Annamarie said...

I am in total agreement that English is a stupid language. It is definilty not my strong point in school!

Rebecca O said...

E. obviously gets her academic leanings from her mother. I was just rereading this post and noticed the spelling mistake(s). I'm just gonna leave it.