Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mental Exhaustion

Last Wednesday we had a Cottage Meeting at our house. That's what we call the weekly Bible Studies at our church. They rotate from house to house. This is the first time we've hosted in a year and also the first time since G. was born. We decided instead of snacks we would serve a full meal at the end.

I expected 50 people, planned for 60.

One hundred people came. At 6:30, when people started arriving a half hour before the meeting started, I was on the phone ordering more food.

In the end, everyone ate and by Thursday I was mentally exhausted. I hoped to veg-out most of the day but I got a phone call early in the morning that a student from our school had died. He had been in the hospital a month, they thought he would recover, but he didn't. I heard it was Dengue Fever, I really don't know. He was in 9th grade and from a Sikh family. The family was going to burn the body at 11Am, we got there around 10 to pay our respects. All our teachers, 9th and 10th grade students and ministry staff came. O. and Aiyub said a few words, we prayed and left.

Very sad. It wore me out more. It was some week, let me tell you. I'm just starting to dig out.

The good news is, it's Wednesday again - Cottage Meeting - and not at my house!

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