Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gave The Bibles

The Bible College Principal and I gave the English and Hindi Bibles to the Bible Students today. I even took a picture of them with their new Bibles with E.'s Spiderman camera but the camera deleted the pictures before I had a chance to load them here. It does that. Oh well.

O. is in Calcutta and he has our real camera with him, so I'll wait to get a group picture of them til he gets back on Saturday.

O. is in Calcutta for the Pan India Summit* and he just called. It's his first time there and he says it is a nasty dirty city, the dirtiest in India that he's ever seen - and that's saying something.

* It's organized by the Evangelical Fellowship of India and some other Christian organizations. I got this off the EFI website:
Issues to be addressed:
1. Missions 2. Persecution of the Church/Religious Freedom/Advocacy 3. Development/Empowering the Poor 4. Research/ Developing India Christian Handbook 5. Leadership Development 6. Media 7. Theology of Church 8. Inter-Church/Ecumenical Relationships 9. Financial Management- For Church leaders and Organization leaders.

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